Testimony and its bones


This project contains six performances and is presented in a one-on-one format with the audience. Based on the personal experiences of the performers, six narratives about the traumatic and the ways of communicating it to the world are presented.  

This project seeks immersive ways of working by asking ourselves what are the problems that challenge us, go through us and how to make them visible.  

In these performances for a limited audience, the work pretends to be a space for reflection on vulnerability in which to explore its complexities. The work addresses this theme with the focus that the body keeps its own memory and that communication expands beyond the verbal.  

This piece was commissioned by Bienal de Performance 21 in Buenos Aires and could be done with the support of Mondriaan Fonds.  

Jazmin Ruffo  

Julieta Romano  

Belén Coluccio  

Clelia Pucci  

Denise Groesman  

Valeria Polorena