Every day is a new day and everybody is all right, really!

Performance at Jeanine Hofland Gallery, Amsterdam


During my graduation show from Sandberg Institute MFA I presented a solo project in the Gallery Jeanine Hofland in Amsterdam. The show was based in the reconfiguration of elements of old works that I slected and transformed to be part of this current project. As a kind of on-going exercise, every day during the opening hours of the gallery, two performers where relating this elements with each other. Some of the elements that were part of the show were: stills from a video painted in wooden panels, quoted used for performance in 2011 now were re-used in a different way, a song that was part of a video work was sang in the space, a 2 seconds extract of a 19’ video, a thermal blanket that was used in a performance then was hanging as a curtain, a ball that was used to explain a project through association of words now it became a bowling ball, an astral chart of a Dutch painter that was read in a performance in 2012 now was painted in varnish on the floor.


Performed by Oneka Von Schrader, Aleksandra Lemm, Louis Vanhaverbeke, Riccardo Guratti



Every day is a new day and everybody is all right, really! from tamara kuselman on Vimeo.